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Who and what is The Pirates Treasure

The Pirates Treasure is a first class retailer of medieval and renaissance products.  Many of our products include swords, knives, daggers, shields, pole arms, guns, antique coins antique guns, pirate accessories and novelties.

We try and offer a wide range of products for those people looking for unique gifts, or costume pieces to wear at their local festival as well many pieces known for high quality and performance features such as Museum Replicas and CAS Iberia.

We also offer a complete line of custom and hand made leather accessories to carry your weapon or just accessorize you current outfit.

Our commitment to our customers at the renaissance and medieval festival as well as on the web is the highest customer satisfaction.  If there is a product that you are looking for and do not see we are happy to try and find custom pieces.  Please feel free to drop us a line at any time to try and help with your pirate needs and accessories.  We are also happy to help with special events like birthday party decorations and other pirate novelty accessories.  Our products can be found on three (3) different web sites.  Each site is owned and operated by the same person.  Each site is committed to offering a different selection of products for your varying needs.  We try and link accessories from one site to the others but please take some time and view the vast selection that is offered.

This is a site committed to bringing you swords. We offer a HUGE selection.  Here you can find practice swords, to functional swords.  You can shop for value and price or quality and performance.  There is no limit to what can be found here.

This is a site dedicated to everything Pirate.  Here you will find a huge selection of pirate guns and other must have  accessories.  This site is for those pirate accessories you just need to find and includes items antiques coins and guns to jolly roger toilet paper.

This is a site for anyone looking for those oriental swords and accessories that are unique and different.  Here you will find a wide variety of oriental swords from Japan, China and other countries.  We offer a selection of souvenir as well as hand made one of a kind pieces.

What's New and Exciting at The Pirates Treasure

(Check below for more information about the different Pirate Treasure locations)


2007 has been a great year with many exciting and new changes. Our beloved Admiral Red is still spending more time playing with his small ship, also known as his bass boat. While most of you recognize us at the medieval and renaissance festivals each ship has had its own captain and for the past 2 years but is still a part of The Pirate Treasure fleet.

The Pirate Ship at The Georgia renaissance Festival, now being headed by Captain Matt, is offering many new and exciting features with a new and different culture to his ship.

Ohio, headed by captain Scott, is expanding and growing with the addition of a new building . With the new building there has been the addition of many new and exciting products.  One of the most exciting additions are a line of hand forged knives and daggers made by a local Ohio resident Allen Blackwood.   Allen's work is fresh and exciting.  For anyone wanting exceptional quality with out sacrificing style his pieces are a must to see and handle.  It is well worth visiting The Pirates Treasure at The Ohio Renaissance festival just for this.

The Pirates Cove at The Texas Renaissance Festival. headed by Captain Liam, is continuing to grow and expand.  This is still the location that Admiral Red is still commanding and keeping us all on course from. The admiral commands from his $11.00 shop located at the Texas Renaissance Festival.  Both   Captain Liam and Admiral Red are offering many new and exciting items at their location.  As always the auction and performance is worth the show as well as the great deals that can be pirated.


We have all committed to bring you the same great service and selection at the festivals.

This web site is now being managed by Captain Scott. In an effort to expand our fleet you will be seeing many new and exciting products as well as specials and promotions available on the web site. 


Some of the new and exciting features that will be available soon:

Expanded product selection
Showcase of your best pirate pictures and stories
Added special discounts and product sales
Pirate traditions and lore

Three Great Sites!!

SwordsSwordsSwords.Com is just what it says. Swords of every style and price.

SamuraiSwordsSamurai.Com is designed especially for the Asian weapon lovers.

PirateStuffandGuns.Com A vast array of replica and antique guns as well as other pirate needs.


We guarantee the lowest web prices, from any official web site.  If you are able to find an item at a price lower then Ole' Capt. Scott's price, we will not only meet the price, but we'll reduce it by 10%. We will be running monthly specials on all 3 of our site and it will be to your advantage to add our sites to your list of favorites.


How and were to find The Pirates Treasure

If you'd like to catch up with us and see the pirates in person, then make plans to attend the following faire:

Atlanta, GA
weekends only
April 12th thru June 1st
Cornwall, PA
weekends only
Dates to be posted
Cincinnati, OH
weekends only
Sept. 6th thru October 25th
Houston, TX
weekends only
Oct 11th thru November 30th


Pirate Articles and Lore

Pirate history and traditions are a rich part of world history.  While many people think of piracy only in the Caribbean the fact that piracy was and is a old wide affair is quite a marvel to most people.  Below you will find a bit of the Caribbean history. While the articles of piracy and pirate code of conduct seem to similar there is some discussion as to the difference. The articles of piracy to many were the contracts signed as people joined the crew and the pirate code of conduct being the laws of how to act once aboard the ship. The pirate glossary is just a fun collection of pirate terms and speak that I have compiled of the years. The glossary is a great companion for September 19th National Talk Like a Pirate Day.  


Articles of Piracy



Pirate Code of Conduct



A Pirate Glossary



Thank you for your patronage over the last 10 years and we look forward to seeing you at one of our fairs this year.

If you would like to order direct or have a question in regards to an order you can email us at
PiratesOfOhio  or give Captain Scott a call at (216) 401-0082.


This page last updated January 15, 2008.